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How Creating A "New Opportunity" Makes Getting New Clients Easier

An important concept we teach our clients in developing their positioning and messaging is to create a "New Opportunity."

Below is a snippet from a Fast Company article of the fastest growing innovative fitness companies. Take a look at how EXOS rebranded (from Athlete's Performance) to take performance training to the general public and specifically corporate. My guess is they have explicitly gone after corporate because you get the high performer mindset there as well. They've repositioned themselves because Athletic Performance is no longer a "Blue Ocean." Just like CrossFit, large group or personal training studios are no longer unique. If you are in any of these categories, then you'll want to read this post twice.

In EXOS process of repositioning themselves, they also created a "New Opportunity" for the consumer to consider. New is always easier to sell, then improved.

They took a concept known to all of us trainers and named it for their "New Opportunity": "Energy Systems...

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LEAKED: Client Coaching Call....One Simple Strategy (But Often Overlook) That Makes All Your Marketing Work Better

Today I wanted to share with you a short clip of client coaching call where we talk about ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY that will make all your marketing work better and much-much easier to magnetically attract clients to your business.

Pay close attention to where I explain how you can beat your competition by not even competing with them.  Let your competition fight each other for the scraps....while you prosper.

At first, you may think you've heard this strategy and understand it, but watch it all (only 13 minutes) and let it sink in.  

Before you can create winning ads, sales systems, Facebook need to nail this down, and EVERYTHING will work better. 



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Here's Why Your Marketing Isn't Working & What To Do About It

In our Clientmax High-Ticket Client Acquisition System coaching program clients know how I beat Positioning & Differentiation Strategy to death.

I commonly refer to Planet Fitness (love them or hate them) because they are an example of a company that effectively positioned one of the biggest commodity businesses in the industry (big-box gyms and memberships) and therefore reaped the rewards of rapid growth.

How Commoditization is Killing CrossFit & Fitness Businesses

I recently had this discussion with a group of CrossFit owners because this niche has become commoditized. When something becomes commoditized, then how do they typically compete?


It's not a good place to be because it's a discount and promotion fest, which becomes a race to the bottom!

The whole 6 Week Challenge craze didn't help. It actually accelerated this commoditization of not only CrossFit, other large group training facilities and personal training studios. 

In fact, I've found some markets...

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