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Unlock Your Business & Your Full Potential By Taking Control of Procrastination


Some people are incredibly productive.

Do you know someone like this...

...they knock off work early because they've gotten everything done on time
...they set goals and hit them more often than not.
...and they win in business, while having an active family life.

How is it that they get so much done in such little time? They don't procrastinate.

Now, just about everyone will deal with procrastination from time to time.

If you Google "stop procrastination," you'll get over 19 million results.

Procrastination is an especially big challenge for fitness entrepreneurs.

Yet most people don't understand where procrastination comes from.

Procrastination is defined as the action of postponing something, usually a task we want to avoid.

According to many social scientists, procrastination occurs when a person has a challenge with "emotional self-regulation."

When we associate boredom, anxiety, fear or frustration with a certain task, we tend to avoid doing it.

The problem is, putting off those tasks that seem awful at the moment only causes stress and more than a little self-loathing when we are faced with the consequences.

How to stop procrastinating right now

To quit procrastination and take action, you'll want to identify the negative feelings & false beliefs associated with implementing marketing and fitness business operating systems into your business.

If you want to increase your revenues, profits, and happiness with your business, but you keep putting it off... there are probably some underlying negative emotions and false beliefs.

These are some of the most common reasons for procrastination:

Lack of Clarity - You don't have a clear vision, values, purpose, strategic objectives for our business. Most clients we meet initially don't want to take the time to do this work, but this is the core reason you are frustrated with your progress. Without clarity and purpose, you are a wandering dog looking for a home.  Worst of all, if you have a team, it can be a root cause to poor leadership.  A good strategic management systems is essential.  It's a leadership system, that's foundation to high-performance organizations.

Doing the Wrong Work-We all have innate strengths that are built into our DNA. You have to learn to do the work that's in your wheelhouse a find other ways to get the other work done. This can be hiring, outsourcing, freelancers, automation, and more. Don't let "cost" stop you from finding ways to off-load work that's not one of your unique strengths. In fact, the constraint of affordability can force you to innovate your business, pricing or sales strategy, or find more efficient ways to get it done!  I've had clients with "deep-pockets" and they were the worst to work with because they didn't have this constraint.  They didn't have to make really important strategic decisions about what the priorities were.  Instead, they would try to spin a million plates and do it all.   A recipe any Fortune 50 CEO will tell you is a recipe for failure and employee frustration. 
Fear of failure - Beat this by realizing that even if you don't achieve your desired goal, you have still gained knowledge and likely made progress. There are a lot of paths to hit a goal. It's rare the path is exactly like planned.  Failure gets turned into value in the form of experience.  My biggest failures have been my biggest business lessons and personal growth experiences, that I will never repeat!

Perfectionism - You won't be perfect, so give yourself permission to embrace imperfection.

The simple awareness of what's behind the procrastination can help you break old habits.

Next, use strategies that empower you to be a dedicated action taker. Give any of the following strategies a shot:

1. Accept and forgive yourself for any past procrastination. All it means is you're human and you didn't yet have the right strategies or identify what emotions or beliefs are holding you back.  

2. Accountability. Have someone hold you accountable to keep you on track with your fitness business goals.
3. Get a coach or mentor.  The confidence that comes with having someone who's been there and done that can be instrumental in helping you take the leap!  You can lean on this experience and proven blueprint to overcome fear or false beliefs.  Plus, a good coach understands how a leader thinks about their business and their mindset is the first step to helping them succeed.  They can help you identify these blind spots. 
4. Work on the important tasks that requires the most mental energy first thing in the day and reserve low bandwidth task or meetings for the second half of the day.
The power to change your habits is always controlled by you and not any outside forces.

These strategies are simple... and that's exactly what makes them so effective.

Go win the day!  

Pete Piranio




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