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3 Biggest "Systems" Myths Keeping Fitness Business Owners Stuck in The Trenches

When we hear the term "Systems," it pulls all sorts of thoughts into our heads.

-- "Systematizing your business is too hard. I don't have time to put systems in my business...."

-- "You can't clone or systematize good personal training. Systems will make our training cookie cutter or water down our service...."

-- "Even if I could systematize my business, my employees won't follow systems...."

Unfortunately, most know they need systems in their business to stop getting crushed by the daily grind and grow. Still, much of the aforementioned "head-trash" gets in the way, and they stay stuck. 

The bottom line, financial and time freedom is a pipe dream for a small business owner without systematizing your business. 

Believe me, I experienced this, unfortunately. For my first two years, I worked in my first studio from 4:30 am to 10:00 pm, Monday-Friday grinding and catching up on everything else on the weekend. This is until the stress hit my body so hard that I had health...

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