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How Creating A "New Opportunity" Makes Getting New Clients Easier

An important concept we teach our clients in developing their positioning and messaging is to create a "New Opportunity."

Below is a snippet from a Fast Company article of the fastest growing innovative fitness companies. Take a look at how EXOS rebranded (from Athlete's Performance) to take performance training to the general public and specifically corporate. My guess is they have explicitly gone after corporate because you get the high performer mindset there as well. They've repositioned themselves because Athletic Performance is no longer a "Blue Ocean." Just like CrossFit, large group or personal training studios are no longer unique. If you are in any of these categories, then you'll want to read this post twice.

In EXOS process of repositioning themselves, they also created a "New Opportunity" for the consumer to consider. New is always easier to sell, then improved.

They took a concept known to all of us trainers and named it for their "New Opportunity": "Energy Systems Development."

The Lesson: You need to create a New Opportunity to cut through the now crowded and competitive market in your area and carefully consider your Positioning Strategy.

Most "gurus" and "coaches" will tell you, you need to become a good copywriter, or they will give you cookie-cutter ads, etc. All this does is get you lost in the crowd and accelerate the commoditization of your business.

While on some levels improving your skill as a copywriter is essential to develop (if you can't afford to hire it). A short cut is developing a unique positioning strategy and new opportunity. A powerful positioning strategy and new opportunity make all your messaging work better, and easier. Requiring less of a reliance on being able to use sexy words to convince people your pig has better lipstick ­čśť 

The more people dive into the "boutique fitness" trend, studios, gyms, and Crossfit facilities, the tougher it is to compete for clients. And if you're using the same marketing tactics as everyone else, then attracting the clients you want can become a nightmare. 

Contrary to what you've been told, YouTubing, tweeting, content marketing, 14-day trials, 21-day trials, challenges, low-price boot camps, and trying to build your social media following is what the 99% of personal training studios who are failing are doing.

Meanwhile, our clients are dominating their markets. They're creating programs that sell for $3,000-$16,000 and building reoccurring revenue at the same time. They're creating a self-sustaining systems-based business that provides the income, freedom, and impact they dreamed about when starting their business, but just could figure out on their own. AND they're doing this while creating transformational results for their clients.

If you want to get more detail on how to do this and the EXACT 4-step strategy our clients are using to differentiate their business and command high-ticket fees while creating amazing levels of success and freedom and get better results for their clients than ever before. 


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