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Are You an EmpirePreneur?

An EmpirePreneur is a term I used for years to describe the top level of Entrepreneurial growth. What some of my employees’s in the past would call a “Peteism.” After deciding to use my 15 plus years of experience growing successful personal training business and helping many owners, franchisees, managers, and employees grow professionally. I took some time to step back and reflect on not only my growth through entrepreneurship but the many I helped. It became very clear to me that if I was going to have the greatest impact on fitness entrepreneurs, it needed to be very specific to each stage of growing their business and their personal development.

Anyone who has built a business for any length of time and significant size completely understands the processes I’m describing. So naturally, this evolved to become the name of this company and the foundation for which our coaching, courses, and training would be built off.  I think many of you will be able...

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