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10 Reasons You Need A Premium High-Ticket Pricing Strategy Before Your Competition Gets One


High-ticket premium pricing is a good business strategy. A good strategy is evaluated based on how well it serves all constituents of the business: the client, employees, and ownership.

Let’s talk about the first beneficiary, the client. If you have a big problem in your life, affecting other areas of your life, what are you going to put your faith in a $47 online trainer or online video? A $10 or $20 boot camp? A $499 challenge?

What if you invested in a $6000 complete program?

If I spend that kind of money, then I genuinely believe it’s going to work and get me the outcomes I want and need. I’m also a lot more committed because I’ve got more to lose. It’s too easy to drive past the gym if I’m only paying $20/month.

How about the employee?

If you have more committed clients who come in 3-4 times a week, then you have a training team training more sessions, making more money, and more satisfied because they can have...

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