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The BIG ‚ÄúGURU‚ÄĚ Myths & Blunders of the Century


Yesterday in our Clientmax private client Facebook group, we had some great questions and discussions flying around.
One of the questions reminded me, how for a very long time, “guru’s in the industry were giving terrible advice that flies in the face of solid business strategy.
A couple I can think of:
1. The push away from 1:1 training “because it’s dead.”
2. Only sell monthly memberships to build reoccurring revenue.
While I understand the stimulus for some of these harmful recommendations, they ignore solid business strategy, that in many industries, people try to engineer as an advantage in their business. Yet, these “guru’s” wanted people to give up these strategic advantages simply because they didn’t know how to fix the root cause issue of their client's problems.
For example, 1:1 training is “bad because you are trading dollars...
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