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How to 10X Your Marketing Response, Pre-Sell, and Pre-Qualify High-Ticket Clients


To say it well, we have to:


1. Cut through the clutter with a specific ad formula that interrupts and engages the prospect with specific psychological triggers.
2. Attract a far greater number of leads by promising to educate them and simultaneously building our authority through this educational based marketing.
2. Move the prospect down the purchase decision chain by setting their buying criteria, which simultaneously preempts your competition, decreases their price sensitivity, overcomes common objects, and delivers a more qualified and pre-sold prospective client to your business.

Here’s how we do it…

Most marketing pieces only appeal to NOW buyers. Problem is, those who are ready to buy NOW only account for 1% to 5% of all prospects. By putting a low-risk offer (Not low-ticket) in your ad that allows the prospect to get more information–-become more educated–-you can capture a much larger portion of prospective buyers.

But this isn’t entirely new to some of you…the real secret sauce is how you educate them.

It’s harder than ever to get in front of a potential buyer, so when you get the chance, you have to maximize what you can accomplish at the moment.

One way we do this is through our educational webinar formula and coordinate social media marketing video's funnel. Making them far more strategic than our client's competitor. It’s not just a better headline or offer, ad, challenge idea or free report, etc.

What you say, how you say it, and who you say it to (Strategy)–-is almost always WAY MORE important than the marketing medium of WHERE you say it (tactic).

We teach our clients to be 10 times more strategic than their competitors by creating a webinar and integrated marketing video series funnel that converts by setting the Buying Criteria.

So what do I mean, setting the Buying Criteria?

This means we empower the prospect with the information and education to make their decision on what, how, and who to buy from.

Prior to seeing your information, the prospect’s buying criteria may be extremely loose and uninformed.

After seeing your information, the prospect should be highly educated and motivated not only on why and how to use your service but also on your company in particular.

Your company becomes perceived as more educated and sophisticated than any of your competitors. So the market’s buying criteria shifts in your favor as the expert every single time.

To understand what criteria we need to shift, we need to understand the purchase decision chain a client goes through.

You see, not every weight loss prospect is looking for personal training. In fact, if they are at the top of the Purchase Decision Chain, they are in the Solution Selection Stage. In other words, they are trying to decide on what solution to select for this problem. Whether it’s getting a gym membership, diet or home exercise equipment.

Therefore, you have to have a message that speaks to this stage in the Purchase Decision Chain. The problem is most personal trainers are only marketing to the last couple of stages where someone has decided they need a trainer.

This is only 3-5% of the market. These fitness businesses are missing out on at least another 60% of potential buyers they need to capture earlier and move them through the decision chain into their front door!

One of the best methods we teach our clients to accomplish this is building an educational based webinar and coordinating social media marketing video funnel.

We can use these two methods to empower prospects to make an informed buying decision and move through the Purchase Decision Chain very intentionally, while we also achieve several strategic objectives & set the buying criteria.

Utilizing these methods is being a marketing strategist who can control the prospect flow like the facet on their sink.

The more people dive into the "boutique fitness" trend, studios, gyms, and Crossfit facilities, the tougher it is to compete for clients. And if you're using the same marketing tactics as everyone else, then attracting the clients you want can become a nightmare. 

Contrary to what you've been told, YouTubing, tweeting, content marketing, 14-day trials, 21-day trials, challenges, low-price boot camps, and trying to build your social media following is what the 99% of personal training studios who are failing are doing.

Meanwhile, our clients are dominating their markets. They're creating programs that sell for $3,000-$16,000 and building reoccurring revenue at the same time. They're creating a self-sustaining systems-based business that provides the income, freedom, and impact they dreamed about when starting their business, but just could figure out on their own. AND they're doing this while creating transformational results for their clients.

If you want to get more detail on how to do this and the EXACT 4-step strategy our clients are using to differentiate their business and command high-ticket fees while creating amazing levels of success and freedom and get better results for their clients than ever before. 

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