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We Can Make This Bold Guarantee Because Our Plug-and-Play Fitness Business Operating System Makes Implementing A High-Ticket Client Acquisition System, Completely Systematizing Your Operations, And Building A Self-Managed Team, More Attainable, Easier & Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible....All Without Ever Writing A Single System, Complicated Marketing or Employee Turnover Headaches.


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We all know The System is The Real Silver Bullet to scaling a seven figure business that works without you working 24/7 and sacrificing your own health and family time.  We all know systems are the most effective way to build a business that can grow and scale without it being completely reliant on you.

The problem is building systems is hard, can be overwhelming, takes time, and many have no idea what systems they need or how to create them. 

Luckily our state-of-the-art and industry first Fitness Business Operating System (FBOS) is a shortcut around all of that and your path to building a business that serves your life and not the other way around. 

FBOS is simply the fastest and easiest way to grow your revenues, profits and happiness with your business.  It's a proven, marketing, management and operating system to take control of your business and transform your life.

But it's only realistically attainable through a Plug and Play System like FBOS.  Finally Making What Seems Impossible...Possible!


Hi, I'm Pete Piranio

Founder and President of EmpirePreneur. 

My Team and I are here to help you create the financial and time freedom you seek, while growing your impact on the clients you serve.

The big industry lie that is keeping you stuck & frustrated.

Everyday in your social media feed, the latest fitness guru who's still wet behind the ears and pitching the next marketing ‚Äúsecret,‚ÄĚ as if marketing alone will fix your business.¬† I‚Äôm here to tell you, we love marketing and are damn good at it, but it‚Äôs a one piece of¬†the puzzle to¬†building your dreams.

If the next marketing "secret" to getting "leads-leads-leads" was the answer, then why are so many fitness businesses still failing?  There are plenty of copy cat gurus with marketing "secrets" to go around.

Here’s the TRUTH.

You don't need another marketing course or more information, you're likely already overwhelmed.  You need a proven road map that gives you the clarity and confidence to take action.  You need proven plug and play systems that make following the road map attainable, easier and faster.  A road map for growing your business, building and guiding your team, delivering your promise, and making sure your take home profits.  The Road Maps, plug-and-play systems and experienced coaching to support you in completing the puzzle to a fitness business that works....even when you don't! 

If you are committed, I can lead you to a place where your passion and business idea can be aligned to produce uncommon clarity, focus, and large-scale growth. This is because STARTING, GROWING and SCALING businesses that work without you is truly my specialty.  I’ve done it and I now want to pay it forward and help you do the same. 

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The Fitness Business Operating System

The proven plug-and-play operating system that takes you from Fit Pro to CEO by doubling your revenues in 90 days, then removing you from the daily operations with self-managed team, so you can build a thriving business that serves your life and not the other way around. 

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What real people say about Pete Piranio & EmpirePreneur


What Some of The Top Fitness Industry Founders & Executives Say About Pete Piranio:


I had the privilege being a colleague of Pete’s where we grew and supported a fitness franchise model as area developers. Pete is highly respected in the fitness industry. He proved time over time to lead the way in creating best practices and a fantastic culture which ultimately lead to multi-unit top producing personal fitness training revenues. Pete is not only driven to succeed himself, but to also push those that surround him to the highest level that they can possibly attain.


Kendell McGowen

"Pete is one of the best minds in the Fitness & Wellness business, period. During my time as Chief Growth Officer at WellBiz Brands, Inc., Pete consistently led all multi-unit franchisees in performance across all aspects of gym and business performance. Pete is innovative, inspirational and driven, and someone I fully endorse. Pete's current focus in EmpirePreneur is a perfect vehicle for him to help guide others to the kind of success he and his clients have achieved over the past several years."

Bob Haimes
EVP & Chief Growth Officer

"Pete Piranio is one of the few people you meet who you know would have been a star at anything he did. We first met when Pete became a Fitness Together Franchise owner about 20 years ago. Rising quickly in the ranks he moved from one location to five and was in the top 10 of over four hundred franchise owners every month in performance. Then Pete took on the challenge of becoming an Area Director for two States. In this role he would need to help coach and mentor to new business owners. With outstanding leadership ability and keen attention to detail Pete again did exceptionally well. Keep in mind during those years we were growing at an amazing pace selling as many as 30 new franchises a month and opening over one hundred a year. Without strong personalities and belief in our overall vision we could not have done what we did. Pete was one of the key ingredients in our company's growth and success. "

Rick Sikorski
Founder & CEO Fitness Together & Elements Massage


Pete's track record speaks for itself. Out of 400 national personal training franchise locations, he built more top producing units than anyone else in the history of the franchise. He also literally wrote the playbook on how to grow a top earning personal training or fitness business. Pete has the ability to squeeze every possible cent out of a fitness business and to coach others to do the same. Like every great personal trainer, Pete has an uncanny ability to get his business coaching clients to do their very best, often reaching higher goals than they ever thought possible. In my businesses, we’ve produced more personal training sessions in a year than any other franchise and a lot of our success has come from using Pete’s principles. Plus, he’s a straight shooter. In an industry filled with so many people selling the sizzle and not the steak, Pete’s counsel is honest, authentic and has been pressure tested in his own businesses. Pete reminds me of Roger Bannister, the first guy to run the four minute mile! Once Roger did it, a bunch of other runners were able to do it soon thereafter because they knew it was possible. Similarly, Pete’s the first guy to really breakthrough in the personal training world and open up multiple highly successful operations with multiple millions in revenue, and because he did it and was willing to share his experience with me, we’ve been able to do the same! - Jonathan Slain


Jonathan Slain
Business Coach & Multi-Unit Fitness Studio Owner


Pete Piranio is a consummate business professional. As a fellow personal training studio owner, I always looked to Pete for advice. I followed his lead as I knew it would lead to my success also. Forward thinker, clear and concise understanding of the principals of successful entrepreneurship, Pete is always looking to the future and holding that space, not only for himself, but for all those he helps


Diane Catrambone

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